A Freak Accident – August 24th, 2017


– Crisco bought an Xbox 360…ten years late
– 8 signs your job is making you unhappy
– Would you rather your kids were really smart, or…
– “Figure Out the Fall Premieres – NBC Edition”
– Eating these foods make men smell more attractive to woman

One Comment:

  1. I found myself with a day off and absolutely nothing to do but listen to your podcast. In order to fully immerse myself in the enjoyment of your broadcast I sat very still on a corner of the couch, stared at the wall and held a glass of very fine Tailgate maple bacon porter. I then grew tired of staring at the wall and wished for motion for my eyes to follow. Funny puppies would have done it, but I wanted to know, in your professional opinion, what activity pairs best with A Freak Accident and maple bacon porter?

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